We are in the business of creating & developing HEALTHY functional teams

If you don’t have your health you have nothing - Dr. Libby Weaver

If you are lucky, you can design your team from scratch. However, most of us don't have that luxury and more often than not, we inherit them, bringing with them a myriad of personalities, challenges and opportunities.  

Under performing teams often have over performing leaders often being the last to leave the office, or spending copious hours managing poor performance, while wishing managers and staff would step up and take ownership.

So the question begs, how do you create the team you desire whilst becoming the leader you wish you had?

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From Volunteer to CEO

in under 7 years. This is Niki

How We Can Help You & Your Team

# Game Plan Phase 

Working on a game plan and with a game plan in mind helps to solidly and measure the so called soft skills training of team building and leadership. Without a game plan, ROI is challenging to measure, and where you are versus where you want to end up is difficult to attain. A solid game plan maps out the steps needed to get to your teams outcomes. 

# Engagement Phase

Staff engagement is in high demand by most companies, and attained by sadly very few. Engagement is achieved within any team when members of the team feel safe, valued and certain...certain that their contribution is moving the team forward. When their work environment contributes to these feelings instead of adding fuel to fire uncertainty and distrust. We can assist with speeding up the engagement process through our state of the art, world recognised behavioural profiling system, followed by full team analysis. 

# Accountability Phase

This is what most team building efforts omit from their programmes, and we strongly believe it is the heart and soul of ours. The Accountability Phase is where continued support takes place and fine tuning along with coaching and mentoring is key. Leaving a team on a high, post team building is not only harmful but it doesn't move them forward in the long run.