The Major Hurdles Any Team Can Face!

At Team Building Agents, we help some interesting businesses and or teams, and all of these without exception can and are exposed to some major hurdles during their times. Perhaps one of your teams falls into the categories below >>> and if they do be sure to download our FREE 5 Major Hurdles Quiz today as you never know what you may find out about taking your team forwards! 

1. If you have inherited your current team and they aren’t IDEAL yet your arms are tied with budget restrictions — our Case Study’s will help you quickly get an understanding of your current inherited team and some common problems. Your team may not be your first picks but they are what you have! 

2. If you come across the expression “This is how we have always done it” all too often  — you will be surprised how a few tweaks from our Explore programme will get your machine humming! 

3. Your company has recently merged with another and now you have two mouths to feed - an organised and assisted approach will work wonders. 

4. Reform is needed within your industry as cultural change is being expedited by external consumer demands (think AirBnb & Uber) 

5. If you have been given the holy grail of team building - a blank canvass, then all 3 phases: (1) Explore, (2) Reveal & (3) Deep Dive…are going to fit you like a glove (and this is the exact right timing for implementation) 

We have found within our feedback circle that typically when doing team building exercises it provides little ROI as the owners / managers “typically” put the emphasis on the wrong things and they run into the "so what factor". So What you have shown me things about my team but what now? 

Typically team building relies on the following outcomes but sadly fall short -

(a) to observe who are team players, and if they are deemed not to be it is a “problem”

(b) they look for who are the leaders, not that this is “bad” at all just it then moves the focus from those who are to those who aren’t, or who could be developed 

(c) they aren’t looking to find out mental strategies - cause they don’t know they exist 

(d) definitely not looking for things such as listening skills, delegation strategies, questioning skills etc.

(e) yes they are looking for who communicates well but it is typically more about “who speaks up” as opposed to - the meaning of communication is the response it gets. 

Thus if you are team manager, team leader or CEO looking to understand where your current team is not as fluid in its execution of tasks as it could be - click here for your FREE 5 Hurdles Team Quiz today!