3 Ways To Get Your Sales Team Fired Up!

In this blog post I would like to introduce you to the Food and Beverage Sales Team from a top notch business, based in Tanzania and Kenya - East Africa. This collection of luxury 6-star type safari lodges came with the briefing which seemingly seemed to be “un-achievable” - they were seeking to increase F&B sales (especially within their high-end beverage sales) throughout their 8 remote lodges.

Why was the brief seen to be “un-achievable”....because their luxury resorts were all-inclusive properties. Meaning once a guest arrived all the food and beverage they wanted to consume was already included in their guest rate, except for premium tip-top type beverages (such as Dom Perignon, Penfold Grange etc).
Furthermore, many of the staff who made up the sales force had a seemingly disadvantage when it came to language, as they spoke Swahili as a native language (English was sometimes even a 3rd language) and many of the guests came from non-speaking English countries too (think Russia, Brazil etc)
Worst of all the sales team didn’t want to up-sell as they thought that this would eat into their tip jar (oh the things you find out when you coach a team towards outcomes). And the tip jar story is altogether another saga on its own, and I think merit for another blog post down the line!

But before I go on, I am curious what would it do for you business if you had all your sales staff singing a different tune when it comes to sales approach - no matter how seemingly “unachievable”? What would an increase in revenue culture change do for your bottom line?

In this said case study the results were satisfyingly pleasing (please see the graph below) - with per person spend having doubled! This is a double in, per person spend. Times that by the number of guests that travel on safari during the month of Feb - March (peak season) the contribution to the bottom line doubled...wait for this...without purchasing any other stock. Without employing a new team, without printing new menus only by investing in their staff.

[DISCLAIMER] the outcome of this team building sales training was WIN-WIN by all accounts. Not only was the company ecstatic with their financial outcomes, but the guests were thrilled that they could celebrate in style and make even finer memories. And the staff, well they busted so many of their own fears that were unknowingly holding them back, and success in this area opened the floodgates for career success! Many have gone on to higher positions of authority and General Management roles. Win-win

team building at elewana.png

Some kind words from their Group Training Manager on the value or ROI on getting their group to work as a team....

I loved that the training - it was designed around the
boutique properties in which the objective was to increase our spend per person on extra revenue in a portfolio of 8 all-inclusive lodges.
Adele sculpted a tailored solution for the d
emographic of the group, breaking the concept down to fundamentals.
The key results Achieved:
• Changed mindset around sales busting negative believes and fears.
• Identify guest individual purchasing strategy and which behaviour is best suited to each individual
• Understanding your own/personal behaviour, and how to use this for the greater good.
Company has achieved sales growth as set out, but more importantly, each member of staff is
achieving their individual targets set.

- Jani Scheffer Group Training Manager

But before I go - what are the 3 best ways to get your team fired up are:

  1.  set them goals - a team without goals or measurable outcomes is like an aeroplane that takes off and doesn’t have an end destination. Our magic with the above case study was that we broke their goals down to per day ones, this allowed the staff the ability to see how easy their goals really were!
  2. makes sure all their limiting beliefs towards achieving the goal are eliminated (in other words get them coached). Enter the story of the tip jar. Turns out that the leaders in the group were anxious that if the customers spent $250 per bottle of wine, that this would leave them with less to tip at the end of the safari. Once we broke through “our perception vs. the guests’ reality” these sales team rockstars hit the jackpot time and time again. Continuously! Seriously amazing when limiting beliefs are taken care of. So my question to you, does your sales team (or management/leadership team) have limiting beliefs that could be holding them back from achieving their outcomes. The power of these beliefs was uncanny!

  3. work on understanding human behaviour, both their own and that of their clients. All of our training was created with humans in mind. We had to improvise with the language barriers, so we came up with some pretty insane was of delivering the training despite language and educational abilities. “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t - you are right” - Henry Ford.

And a BONUS tip #4 - Celebrate when the wins start stacking up on the board. And reward your staff for going beyond the call of duty (if upselling is beyond the call of duty).

But now over to you. I would really like to hear your takeout from this blog piece. What has been most eye-opening for you? Does the whole thing sound too simple (because we design it so)? What would be a master move on your part should your sales team need a bit of prodding and firing up?

Please write your comments down below! Warm regards - Adele 

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