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Women in Leadership

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How to ...

IMPROVE: Team Innovation, problem solving, communication specifics & unity?

With an increase in appreciation of different working styles, which enhances engagement and office energy

Turning team building activities into learning and development experiences with measurable outcomes that assists cultural change

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sales teams

Ideal if you are tired of having to drive your staff to get results & if you are micro managing because sales targets aren't being met.  If their focus needs to change from cost cutting to revenue generation culture, our gamification workshops are the bomb!  

customer service teams

customer service crews

Do you seem to have a crew who doesn't care as much as you do? If work place engagement is at a low, and your customer service teams seem to lack initiative, let's hear from you! 

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leadership & teams

Have you noticed that your leaders have great technical skills but lack the skills to lead people? Or that they are avoiding those "tough conversations" & delegation is something unheard of! Our profiling tool is world renown 

Take tangible user-friendly strategies back to the office

Let's face it, objective insights are great for any team, but what happens if you don't have that service to show your team how to work smarter (not harder)? Let Team Building Agents' expert profilers provide you with a service that is hard to find internally. 

If you are after sustainable business results, lower staff turn over, happy workspaces, effective leaders, productive teams, ownership of output, collaboration and co-operation....without silo management, then we would like to hear from you.

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Some top team dysfunctions you may be noticing 


inattention to results 

is a dangerous area for any team to play in. Results are the heart of any organisation and if there is an avoidance to getting any outcomes, you have a problem as a leader. 

avoidance of accountability 

low standards and the acceptance of these low standards are warning signals for any organisation. If low standards or complacency are free flowing within your business be sure to take corrective action.

lack of commitment

ambiguity, is a comforting blanket to hide behind. When communication within the organisation is peppered with intangible and unmeasurable words... it is time for more calculated and measured outcomes.  

fear of conflict


artificial harmony is at the heart of a team unwilling to "go there".  When a team skirts around and avoids the tough decisions and conversations then artificial harmony has set in. Who said conflict has to be unpleasant or disruptive?